5 February Projects for Your Garden

Clear Home Blog   •   February 26th, 2019

In many parts of the country, thoughts of gardening are still a distant dream, however, according to LoveYourLandscape.org, there are many tasks to be done right now in preparation for a thriving garden season in the months ahead. Whether you’re inside designing new garden beds and ordering plants, or outdoors taking care of trees, there is much to be done right now.

If you’re dealing with harsh winter weather including snow, your trees, perennials and grasses are most likely taking a toll from frigid winds and temperatures, and critters in search of food and shelter.

There are some steps you can take, however, to safeguard your garden this month. So, bundle up—provided conditions are safe—and head outdoors to do the following:

  • Wrap trees. Brush away any accumulated snow on trunks, and apply tree wrap to the trunks of small trees.
  • Leave ice alone. If ice is weighing down branches, it’s best to let it melt on its own. If you try to crack it off, you may also crack the branches underneath.
  • Remove snow from evergreens. Low-growing branches of evergreen trees can become weighted down with snow, almost adhering them to the ground. Remove the snow by gently sweeping it off with a broom. Do not use a shovel or other sharp instrument, which could nick the bark. Once the snow is removed, support the branches by allowing them to rest on deep snow drifts.
  • Create a protective mulch barrier. Gather evergreen branches that may have come down in a storm, or perhaps you have leftover holiday greens, and use them to create a natural protective mulch barrier for your perennial beds, as well as for around the base of trees.
  • Start pruning. Weather permitting, cut back and prune shrubs, bushes and small trees before new growth begins.

Taking care of your outdoor environment now will help ensure a vibrant landscape come spring. 

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